Meet the Maker

Greetings e-traveller!

My name's Emily, I’m 19 years old, from Birmingham UK, and I'm the creator behind Night Creatures.

Night Creatures is a small independent brand, specialising in fantasy and psychedelia inspired, machine embroidered, apparel and artwork.

I started Night Creatures out of a love for art and textiles, escapism through imagination, and the growing notion of fashion as a self-defined art form, unapologetically strange and colourful.

My work is partly based upon an imaginary otherworldly Kingdom, the Night Kingdom, where many peculiar characters, the Night Creatures, roam. These are the characters that feature within the brand, and can be seen on the various products that I make.

Everything seen on my site and Instagram has been made and originally designed by me unless stated otherwise!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my little brand, support like yours means the world to independent creators such as myself, and enables us to continue to create the things you and we love!